What Really Matters In A Divorce?

There is so much at stake during a divorce that it can be hard to prioritize. Yet, if you cannot, you will waste unnecessary time and stress arguing over things that are really not that important.

Think back over the last few months, and you will find examples of arguments with your spouse that, with hindsight, were pointless. Perhaps you were ready to go out at 9 p.m., and they were not ready until quarter past. Maybe they failed to readjust the seat after borrowing your car, costing you seconds in the morning. When you look back in years to come, will you consider those conflicts time well spent?

Divorce brings the opportunity for plenty more arguments, yet you do not need to take them. Doing so will not only delay things, but it will make the journey more stressful and drive more nails into an already ruptured relationship. That last point is especially crucial if you have kids, as you are going to need to work together as co-parents for years to come.

Compromise Goes A Long Way In A Divorce

Yes, you can argue over who gets the washing machine, but it would be a waste of your time and energy. You cannot have everything you want when you divorce, but neither can your spouse. Courts will search for a reasonable outcome that aligns with California’s divorce laws.

Finding out more about these laws enables you to keep your ambitions realistic. If your spouse can do the same, then you can work toward a swift and reasonable conclusion rather than drag out the issues because you each have incompatible and unrealistic targets.