Denise Huerta Recommends Christopher J. Sunnen, Esq., CFLS

After I had a really nasty experience with a local attorney and tried to self represent (a very rapidly moving custody case) I found Chris. I wish I could disclose the details of my case and how far we've come.
Rosemary is absolutely amazing. She is on top of her work and has been someone who's listened when I've been in the office for hearings etc (briefly bc she's busy). Mareva is on top of her game. We have tackled a few things pertaining to my case together and moved right along. Chris is always professional and has been there to calm me down, explain a situation, and work through next steps. Together we have tackled court hearings, depositions, handled very aggressive/unprofessional opposing party representation, and (finally) worked through a custody agreement in my favor. Chris has provided accurate and solid advice - even when I didn't want to hear it. He understood my priority was my child, his safety, and well being on day one. I needed that support.
Even though I would hate anyone go through a custody case, if you're searching for an expert in Fam Law, don't look any further.
Chris, you have helped reach  peace of mind today. Thank you to you and your staff!

– Denise Huerta