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What Pushes People To Divorce Their Spouses?

You may have recently heard yourself asking why you are still married. There seems to be something in your relationship you no longer have. A special bond that made the marriage worth having. Now you’re searching for this feeling again to reignite your marriage.

You may be wondering what caused this sudden feeling. There are many reasons why people are pushed away from the relationship they once had with their spouse. Many people’s relationships fall under several themes that might relate to you.

Your Relationship Was Built Around Money

It may be the case your relationship was made for the sole purpose of staying financially afloat. The combined income of you and your spouse gave you the advantage to pay bills while keeping food on the table.

Your income may have begun reflecting your work as you did more. You may no longer feel the same bond with your spouse now that you are both financially stable. The original cause for your marriage was resolved and the intimacy left.

The Intimacy Has Left Your Marriage

Relationships go through a “honeymoon phase” that’s full of carefree time and happiness. This phase can last up to two years before dying down. That may cause frustration when you find your marriage doesn’t have the same spark it once had.

You may find your spouse is no longer committed to the marriage. They may not spend the same quality time with you they once had. This may put you at the loss as to what you need and want from a relationship.

You And Your Spouse Have Different Values And Beliefs

A spouse that likes to travel may have competing values when you prefer being a homebody. This is just one example of the many differences you and your spouse might have on a daily basis. Differences in values and beliefs may lead to arguing and resentment over a marriage.

The problems in your marriage may lead you to consider divorce. You may need to know your divorcing options to lead a comfortable new life.

Exploring resources like “What Really Matters in a Divorce?” could offer some insights into navigating these challenging times. For more detailed guidance, reaching out for professional legal advice from a firm experienced in family law, such as Sunnen Law, can provide clarity and support as you consider your next steps towards a new beginning.