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The Top Three Myths About Divorce In California

With the divorce rate continuing to hover around fifty percent. many times resolutions revolve around a fresh start in relationships and life. In California, a marriage can ended by three ways. dissolution (divorce).

legal separation, or annulment. For most people, annulment not an option. unless they had a weekend that like something seen in the series of Hangover movies.

Divorce Lawyers In San Diego California

In California, there are many truths and rumors about the dissolution process. The first and most persistent rumor that any sort of infidelity factors into how the divorce proceeds.

While there may circumstances where infidelity affects things. say, with regard to child custody the truth is that California a “no-fault” state. What this means that irrespective of whether there cheating on one or both sides. both sides are entitled to a divorce.

Perhaps the second most popular rumor that in California, a divorce can done within six months. While the state does offer a procedure called “Summary Dissolution”, there are specific legal requirements parties must meet. In reality, most contested dissolutions last at least two years. and in certain cases can last a lot longer.

While California does recognize separate property claims to items. in the absence of a pre-marital agreement. or meeting specific legal conditions. California Divorce all property acquired during marriage considered community property. While certain actions are permissible, others, such as selling a non-filing spouse’s car without their consent, are not.

From here, the rumors and truths about dissolution only branch out further. Contact our office today with any dissolution questions you may have.

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