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How To Make The Most Of Supervised Visits With Your Child

Sometimes, parents are required to have supervised visits with their children after a separation or divorce. It might seem like this is the end of the world, but it can be beneficial to everyone involved if it’s handled correctly.

Making the most of supervised visits can be challenging, but you can use this time to build bonds with your child that will carry over once you’re able to transition to unsupervised visits. The ability to do this starts with having a positive attitude about the visits because your child will pick up on your attitude about the situation.

Think About What Your Child Enjoys

The visits with your child should be fun for them. They should have a chance to build memories with you. By thinking about what they enjoy, you can decide what types of activities or items to bring with you. This might be limited by where the visit occurs, but do what you can to spend time with the child doing things they will enjoy.

Leave Time For Them To Be In Charge

Your child may have their own ideas about what they want to happen during the visit. Instead of trying to fill every minute of the visit with activities, leave some time for them to choose what to do. They may want to just talk or have you read a book. Never underestimate how meaningful those types of activities might be for the child.

Parents should always do what’s best for their children. One important step in making sure this happens is getting your parenting plan in order. This should be done as quickly after the separation as possible so they can start to have stability. For more detailed information on managing separation and its impact on your family, consider reaching out to experienced professionals, such as those found on our attorneys page.