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Are you worried about telling the kids about your divorce?

Posted by Sunnen Law | Dec 07, 2022 | 0 Comments

The romantic relationship between you and your spouse is no longer working, and you accept that. What you're struggling with is separating the family unit. 

You have no idea how you're going to break the news to the kids or how they are going to deal with it. Fortunately, kids are often much more resilient than they are given credit for. With the right approach, you and your spouse can put their minds at ease. Outlined below are a few things to consider. 

Keep that united front 

Just because you and your spouse are no longer involved romantically, that doesn't mean you can't be fantastic co-parents. In fact, your fundamental role as a parent doesn't need to change at all. You can still be united in terms of doing what's best for your kids and always being there for them, together. Keeping that united front will help show your children that while divorce does mean some changes, many things will remain the same. 

Your children can handle it 

As stated earlier, children can be very resilient. It may be tempting to hide the fact that you're splitting up for a while, but they are going to find out eventually. It's much better that it comes from you (ideally both of you) through age-appropriate discussions. 

The changes that divorce brings don't need to come as a shock to your children. If you need some guidance on how to make your separation more amicable, it may benefit you to speak to someone with knowledge in the field of family law

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